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Getting The Best Price Storage Unit

Here are a few helpful tips on getting the best price storage unit in your area. Your goal is getting the best price storage unit you can find. This doesn't always mean getting the cheepest monthly rent, but getting the best value for your money. If you have more question contact us and one of our staff will be happy to help you.

  1. Like any industry use competition to your advantage. Contact 3 storage facilities in you area to compare pricing.
  2. Look for special offers. The longer your willing to rent the better offer you may find. If you know that it will be for 6 months let the facility know that you are looking for a long term lease. Look for move in specials. We offer the second month at only a dollar for any new customers.
  3. Are you willing to drive a little farther. Often times you can find better deals in more idustrial areas but this may mean having to drive a little further. If your not going to need access to your unit every month then look for facilities in near by areas.
  4. If you find a facility that you like but the price is just to high ask the facility for price matching. They may tell you that they can't do it but if they then you would have found the facility that you like at the best possible price.
  5. Ask for discounts. There are all kinds of discounts that you might be eligable for. If your in the milatary or a student faciliies may have a discount they can offer you.
  6. Ask the facility how to best pack the unit. The staff are experts at what they do and offen times they can help you pack your unit in a way that will make it easier to store all your belonging in a smaller unit. A smaller unit means your getting the best price for your storage unit.
  7. Check the payment terms. Do they require notice to move out. Are there penalties for early move out. All those fees will prevent you from getting the best price storage unit for your needs. Read the contract ask the staff questions if you don't understand something.
  8. Ask about security. After all these are your valuables that your trusting with someone to store for you.
  9. You pay for the floor space so take advantage of the height of the unit as well. Start with your heaviest items on the bottom make sure they are full. This way they will not be crushed when you stack items on top.

Remember if your looking to get the best price storage unit in your area, ask questions, talk to the competition and read the contract.


Storage Unit



Space 5 X 5 $80.00 Monthly
Space 5 X 10 $130.00 Monthly
Space 10 X 10 $195.00 Monthly
Space 10 X 15 $275.00 Monthly
Space 15 X 26 $560.00 Monthly